I Always Learn Something in a Photo Class

I think I was born to be a student - I love learning as much as I can about photography, and, even though I've been practicing the craft for years, and taking numerous classes over time, I still find there is so much more to learn.

Recently I debated taking a Macro Class at Precision Camera with Scott Sitkiewitz. I've been playing with Macro for awhile - I've taken plenty of flower shots and water droplets - so could I possibly learn something new? 

It turns out, yes, I most certainly could.  First of all, Scott is an awesome teacher. He made a point of memorizing and re-using the names of all 12 participants in the class. His enthusiasm was contagious as he showed all of the many things he brought to photograph and showed us a variety of different ways to set up lights and make your own little backgrounds and lighting. Who knew clothespins had a worthwhile purpose? And construction paper can be used to bring color to objects. And there are better tripod heads for macro than the ones you may use for landscape.....

Everyone in the class seemed to be having a good time - no one even wanted to leave during the lunch break. We all enjoyed watching each other's creativity - people focused on different objects and different backgrounds and Precision Camera was good enough to give us each a large print (17" x 11") of one, or a composite of our images. It's always a joy to see something you've worked on in a large print!  Scott was very knowledgeable - he, himself shoots some very fancy watches, and he offered hands-on help to each and every one of us.  I learned that I can add my extension tubes to my macro lens to get even closer in to the subject but it had better be on a tripod with a remote release.

Macro photography is so much fun - no moving subject asking when will you be finished. And you often get to discover things you didn't even see with your eye.

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to have these kind of local classes, taught by knowledgeable professionals at a very reasonable price.  Try a class if you need some motivation, stimulation and inspiration.

Keep shooting, friends, and growing and learning and inspiring!


  1. Chris thank you so much for the kind words! I was a little nervous at the beginning having someone of your photographic caliber in my class, but you quickly made me feel at ease. Your photos look fantastic!

    I do agree with you that we have a great opportunity to learn about photography at Precision Camera. I have taken many classes and will continue to keep taking classes to improve my work and to have a great time with fellow photographers!


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