Visiting Vivacious Venice

I just returned from an exciting two week tour of Italy. Naturally I am inundated with all of the pictures I took. Thankfully, there are many good ones, and many fond memories of a wonderful trip.
I've spent the day trying to select a handful to make a book.  This was quite a challenge. I don't seem to be able to get past our first three days in Venice. 

We received a Rick Steves book on Italy as a Christmas present from a dear friend who was planning a trip of her own.  While the book was chock full of good information, we were somewhat overwhelmed with choosing which great things to see and do. I thought "I wish this Rick Steves would just offer a tour" and when I googled his name, I discovered that he does. ( Not him personally anymore (although he still does do some tours) but he has a whole big company that provides tours all over the world.

We were serenaded by this gentleman on an evening gondola ride. Everyone sang along.

So we booked ourselves on a tour in the Spring - at first we wanted April but, 8 months in advance it was already filled up. So, we chose the first week in May, and it was just perfect! Spring in Italy where the flowers were blooming and the weather was perfect!

Not sure what is more beautiful - nighttime in Venice or daytime.

Venice is a city that has no cars - everything is done by boat - even trips to the hospital. The city is filled with charming bridges and beautiful architecture. There are so many great restaurants and shops filled with masks, Murano glass, gelatos, pastries and pizzas.

There are more museums and churches than one can see in 3 days, so I'm hoping we get to go back someday.

The Rick Steve's tour included 28 of us hearty souls, who were led by a wonderful guide, Colleeen Schaeffer. Colleen had us hit the ground running with a walking tour and dinner immediately after an orientation meeting.

In the next few days we had local guides show us art and explain the evolution of different art practices. We got another walking tour and visits to St. Mark's Square, the only piazza in Venice and we saw many "Campos" and neighborhoods built around churches. We took a boat ride to colorful Burano where they specialize in lace products.  650 photographs later I am still smitten by Venice. Just thought I would share some with you. Now I've got to move on and sift through the images of Florence, Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello and Capri. Poor me.

St. Mark's Square.

Thanks for visiting - keep on shooting your own special memories!


  1. Thx Chris, keep the blogging coming. Tim and Claire

  2. Beautiful photos, thank you for posting them. Such a wonderful trip!


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