Preparing Popsie's Pens

My husband is terrific with wood - he has made many fun things from cradles to a puppet theatre to a giant tractor that now lives on our front lawn - and he recently discovered the art of making wooden pens.  He's enjoying the variety of woods that he can craft the pens from as well as the varied looks that he turns out.  I recently posted some of his pens on Facebook and he immediately got a few sales, so I thought it would be fun to document the process of pen making and let folks know how they might purchase one.

It's interesting to see all the pieces and parts and the effort that goes into forming the tubes that become the pens. He has to select the exact drill bit (and he has MANY to select from)

 Here he is positioning the drill on a tiny X

It's a delicate maneuver. He actually has to go up and down several times so the sawdust doesn't accumulate and mess up his work.

The smoothing process is interesting to see. I know I'd have bumps all over mine if I tried it. He uses a chisel and fine sandpaper and then feels it for bumps, then he uses some "magic stuff" to make it shine.

People have asked me if they can get one, but there are so many different colors and styles  - I don't know how to choose one for somebody else.  He's charging between $30 and $60 depending on how much the parts cost and how much work he has to put into it.

Can you see how hard it is to choose one?  They really are all very nice!

Below are some he just made with the prices. If you are interested in buying one, please contact him at Thanks for reading about this cool project!
These are $60 plus tax and shipping because of the type of wood that was used and the extra work that went into them.
These pens are $35 plus tax and $2. shipping.
These pens are slimmer and go for $25. plus tax and shipping.


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