While Vacationing, Try Something Different

Our leader, McKenzie was professional, fun and full of tips to enjoy our stay in Jackson Hole.

We recently went for a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand Teton National Park, largely for me to enjoy my landscape photography. And I did. Tremendously.  But I noticed that White Water Rafting Trips were being offered by a few vendors. We chose to give it a try with "Dave Hansen Whitewater Trips".  It was definitely the hit of our vacation!  Especially since I brought my water-sealed case and enjoyed photography as well as bouncing in the beautiful water of the Snake River.  The day was PERFECT with 75 degree temperatures and beautiful Fall colors all around us.

Right off we saw an eagle.  Can you spot him? Try capturing him from a bouncing, splashing raft filled with 10 other people!  While my husband and several others paddled madly, I just sat there feeling like I'd discovered heaven. 

We had never met our fellow passengers before but we immediately all felt like old friends. I'm very proud of our paddlers for keeping us afloat.  I really didn't want to be one of those that fell beneath the boat.  
Can you see the beaver on it's nest?

That is a big rapid coming at us!
Yay team!

Laughter ensues here.
All in all we had a fabulous experience and I took way too many photos but I did enjoy looking at them a few minutes ago and re-living a terrific experience! Give it a try sometime - but be sure you have a waterproof camera if you try capturing it as well.  Thanks, Dave Hansen & folks for a wonderful whitewater experience!!!!!


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