Family Time

While decorating for my oldest daughter's baby shower recently, my younger daughter asked me "did you bring a camera?" REALLY? Do I ever go anywhere without a camera? At any rate, I never get to socialize as much as I'd like to, but I do get to collect memories of the fun events we have in life. I had a WONDERFUL time at the baby shower (except for looking at some of the photos that included me) - we were so blessed to have so many people pitch in and help - my sisters and my Mom made the delicious and beautiful cookies that we gave out as a "Thanks for coming" gift.
My daughter Kiryn spent a day with me making some magical owls and birds as decorations.
 All of the guests decorated some onesies I purchased, and they all did a BEAUTIFUL job.  But, best of all was the fabulous cake made by Nova's dear friend Meg Murphy Grabar that not only looked wonderful, but was the best tasting cake ever!!!! And she made matching cupcakes to help us celebrate a couple of birthdays, as well.
We were blessed with a wonderful crowd of family, friends and great food. Thanks to Longobardi's in Wappingers Falls and to everyone who made it (especially the Jaeger girls coming up from North and South Carolina!) And, despite my not liking to have my picture taken, I LOVE being with my girls!


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