Playing with a new toy

As I mentioned last week, I purchased an Orbis Ring Flash in an effort to get more dramatic portraits and also discovered that it's an excellent tool for lighting macro photography as well. My friend Amy was a willing subject this week.  She allowed me to experiment with my new flash modifier.  An artist, Amy invited me into her studio and I set up my Nikon SB 800 on a stand and shot it through a white umbrella as my main light. Then I played with the ring flash, holding it up on my left and putting it around the lens, so I could see what the results would be like.
Her dog played a willing subject as well.

Amy is an amazing jewelry designer and I enjoyed trying to capture some of her designs.
I like the dramatic look on Amy in the photo below. Think I'm going to really enjoy the Ring Flash.

Happy Easter, friends.  Have a great weekend shooting!


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