The Reason We're Here

Our trip to Texas to see if we can stand the heat had one wonderful purpose, Miss Charlotte Anne.

She's our very first Grandchild and every moment we get to spend with her is precious and so full of love. I've been blessed to have a fun city to run around and focus on while awaiting her birth. Now I have several hundred photos of her as well as a few thousand of the area that she will grow up in. 

Austin is such a colorful, friendly and fun city, with wide walking and biking trails that loop around Lady Bird lake, passing through downtown as well as more suburban areas.

Folks gather at night around the Congress Street bridge to see the largest urban bat population (1.5 million) fly out into the night to devour mosquitoes.

Downtown statue.
Crowd dispersing after viewing the bats flying south.
Crowds gather on bridge and below to watch over a million bats come out.

There really is a lot to see and do and eat in Austin - it is a very "user friendly" city.  One weekend we tried the duck tour. 

We passed the famous, beautiful and classy Driskill Hotel.  It was a fun and informative way to get to know the city a bit better.
Today, I enjoy the entire city, from it's colorful skyline to it's cool waters in Barton Springs.  I've taken more pictures than I know what to do with - it's a very funky, colorful town and has many unique facets to it's personality.

But my favorite part is the reason we came here this summer and will keep coming back, and that is to photograph (and love and hug) the beautiful, enchanting, sweet new Granddaughter,
Charlotte Anne Evans.
 Happy summer, friends. I'm having the best one of my life!


  1. Amazing photos!! This last one should be the birth announcement.


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