Beautiful Untermyer Park

I grew up in Yonkers, NY and yet I only discovered this park last year. Samuel Untermyer was a wealthy lawyer and prominent citizen in New York after the Civil War. His passion was his gardening and he set out to create one "that it be not less than the finest garden in the world." For more information about this amazing set of beautiful gardens, check out Untermyer Garden Conservancy.  

Recently I visited family in New York and after a long, tiring day, my sister Kath came and said "want to go visit Untermyer at sunset?" Suddenly I had an abundance of energy. Nothing sounded better than to see these marvelous gardens at the golden hour.

They did not disappoint.  The light hitting the abundance of unique flowers (at least, I don't see these varieties living in Texas) was just dazzling.  Everywhere we walked seemed to have new treasures to discover.  

And we only stayed in one area - The Walled Garden. I have been there before and there's another section called the Garden of Love which is really lovely, too.  But on this golden Sunday evening, Kath and I strolled quietly, just enjoying the ambiance that the gardens had to offer. 

I still want to know what this is. It looks kind of evil and yet still quite flowery.

Really, Untermyer Park is a very unknown and I would say, under-appreciated place but I am so glad that the folks in Yonkers have recognized it's importance and kept it going. I know how hard it is to maintain gardens and am very grateful that this one is kept up and made free for people to enjoy.

What a joy to photograph here!


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