Growing With a Personal Project

I've often heard the suggestion of taking on a personal project - something different than what you are currently working on - something that will challenge you as a photographer and help you to grow.  A few years back I did a "365" project - that was posting a photo a day for a full year. I really believe that I become more creative that year - it forced me to think outside the box to try and come up with new images that might entertain my followers... and I did gain some new followers.

Last October, a speaker at one of the photo clubs I attend, North Austin Pfotographic Society (NAPFs), spoke about and shared his composite images which were totally awesome. So much so that the speaker, Kirk Marsh, just won the Photoshop User Guru of the Year 2018
award.  (check him out, his work is awesome!) I was intrigued and set out to try learning more about composites and portraying myself differently in "selfies" since I am the only model I have readily available.

I have NOT mastered composites. I love them, but don't know that I will ever master them - they do take a whole lot of work, knowledge and creativity.  But I have managed to post a different kind of self-portrait every Friday on my Instagram account @chrisdaviscina. 

This was my very first one which I call "No Way Will I Meet My Deadline".
It managed to pass the composite test but it really is rather lame.
This is one that has no composite element but shows me playing with a speedlight - something I try hard to do with my subjects but not as easy as I thought to focus on myself and get the light right on my face.
 Suffice it to say, I tend to go into a panic every Thursday as I realize I need something new to post the following day.  That's where my growth has come in. I'm no longer too vain to be seen with curlers in my hair, or on a treadmill, or fighting off the urge to eat candy.  I even learned to do multiple exposures. 

Now that I'm writing all of this, I realize I should compile those crazy photos and darn it, it's Thursday....I've got to come up with something for tomorrow!!!


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