Favorites of 2019

I've been going through the images I took this past year, trying to come up with a "Best of 2018" and finding it really difficult.  I was fortunate enough to have had trips to Charleston, cross country to NY, Colorado and Wyoming, not to mention the adventures I engage in with local photography friends. I got a lot of good pictures this year.  And, I have been actively practicing things to make me more creative, so, I am STILL trying to cull my selection down to a more manageable "Best of".  Meanwhile, I did have fun putting aside some of my favorites (more emotional choices than compositionally and technically accurate ones).

OK, so many of the top favorites are family - I am blessed to have a family that allows me to photograph them more than they'd like. They let me practice new techniques and oftentimes they will play along, allowing me to get something unusual.

Then there was the time they actually enjoyed the process - when I used my underwater housing in their pool.

Some of my favorites were just playing creatively and actually coming up with something I was proud of.

This shows me that, after all the years I've put into learning the technical aspects of photography, I can actually pull off something artsy if I try hard enough. 

Then there are the tender moments.  My Mom allowed me to photograph her hands. And she let me catch her teaching her newest grandchild how to walk,

Then there are my sisters, who are always up for a good time and make every effort to get together as often as possible. It was a busy summer but they made the time to get us all to a Broadway play and dinner.

Fond memories of excursions with friends are another place where I couldn't help but find more favorites.

What can I say? It's been a good year with a whole lot of great memories.  Photography keeps me busy and it keeps me remembering the good times and the special people.  I hope you've had a great year, too.  And here's to a lot more favorite pictures in 2019!

Keep shooting , friends, and have a very happy Holiday!!!


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