Busy Week

So I'm making some progress at this freelancing stuff.  Did a little consulting at the Poughkeepsie Journal and wrote a story on Electric Windows 2010, an artistic street festival that is happening next Saturday (7/31) in Beacon where 30 artists will be creating 8 x 12' paintings to be hung in an old blanket factory building for permanent display. (Below is a courtesy photo)

I'm also writing an article on Getting Freelance Work for a Photography Forum called Photoenthusiast but, every time I write a suggestion, I am following through and following my own suggestions, so it's taking me a bit of time to complete it. For example, I recommended making a list of e-mail contacts to send a notice to, letting them know you are currently for hire. Got my list together - now to send the e-mail.

I did get to shoot this week, too. My son-in-law wrote a play and the music for it based on the myth Persephone. He got an art grant and gathered some very talented folks together and presented a staged reading for one night only in Brooklyn and it was AWESOME.
Bravo, David!
I hope we all get to see it on Broadway one day soon! 

The week ended with a Photowalk, inspired by Scott Kelby, the Photoshop guru. Today was the third annual Photowalk and it was anticipated that 31,000 photographers would be shooting together in over 1,100 cities all over the world. Last year I participated in one in Coney Island.
This year I stayed a little closer to home and joined a lovely group of about 20 folks who were willing to walk over the Poughkeepsie Railroad bridge in the brutal heat. I didn't get any fabulous pictures, but I did enjoy spending the day with some new friends and fellow camera-nuts.
Getting out there, enjoying yourself and making new friends is what it's all about!
Happy shooting!


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