At least I've been shooting

Between my computer being so slow lately (more memory and new Hard Drive is on the way!) and having to plow through more email than ever before, thanks to social marketing,  I got into a funk about how frustrating it is to try and run a photography business.  So, the thing that always gets me OUT of that funk is, enjoy doing what I love doing - shooting beautiful pictures.

Took a break from the frustrations last week by heading to the Norwalk Maritime Museum in Connecticut to find some Meerkats. Actually, the seals stole my heart and I was totally entranced by the Jellyfish.
The following day I was asked by BFF photographer Patti Hale to assist her on a shoot with two beautiful young ladies. That was a blast! Hannah and Courtney were great models to work with and we found some really cool barns and graffiti covered ruins that made wonderful backgrounds.
So, I invited Patti to come along with me on a "Mommy and Me" shoot of a special young woman in my life who just had the most adorable baby boy.
I shot the American Heart Association group shots on Saturday and then yesterday enjoyed an early morning sunrise shoot with another BFF, Lynn McCabe and enjoyed some quality light. 
Got lots of nice images from that shoot, despite the fact that the world is still drab and colorless.  Here's what greeted me when I came home:
The weather is starting to warm up and the earth is beginning to green uo, so get out there and take some quality photographs. Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Shooting!


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