Ooops. Late on the blog this week!

Does anybody care?  I've been pretty good about posting once a week for over a year now, but this week I was busy with all good stuff...but busy nonetheless.  My business, Chris Davis Cina Photography, is "Business of the month" at Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union (HVFCU) which meant I had to make up some marketing materials to present on the table that focuses on me. My new brochure printed up pretty nice, thanks to Dutchess ProPrint:
The same evening I set my table up at HVFCU, I attended at "You Pick The Theme Shoot Out & Party" party planned by HV Click. That resulted in over 400 photos that all needed to be plowed through, edited and selected. Here are a few:
If that wasn't enough, I've been working on a promotional portfolio book and I am just about ready to hand that over to the lab.... so, I've been shooting and being creative.  How about you?
It's weekend, folks!  Happy shooting!


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