Happy 2012

A New Year always brings new promise of change for the better. Here's hoping you keep up your resolutions and find the changes in your life that you seek!

As for us, those changes are coming fast and furious.  Our house is looking mighty sad as it's contents are all boxed up. Our days in New York are numbered and we are in shock as we realize the enormity of change that we are facing. While moving to Austin, Texas holds a lot of promise for new adventures (and less snow) and lots more of being in our Granddaughter's life, it also means leaving behind a lot of wonderful friends. Saying goodbye has become a daily effort and it's not getting any easier.

I thought I'd post a few pictures of Austin to remind myself of why we decided to move.

May the randomness and color of Austin fill our souls, and may you find all that you are seeing in this hopeful New Year!

Keep shooting!


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