Continuing on in Edinburgh...

Since Edinburgh has so much to offer, and we booked the B&B for 3 nights (one of out least favorite B&B's - tight quarters, run by a talkative man from Gibralter who sounded Scottish even though he didn't look it) we woke up on Monday morning raring to see more of the fine city. We headed for the castle, at the top of the Royal Mile. We were blessed with yet another beautiful day although it felt more like early April in NY than June - still it was sunny and pleasant. The walk there was invigorating and the castle itself was like a small city with much to explore.

Back to Camera Obscura since they had closed the day before, before we had played with all of the exhibits. We stopped off at an adorable pub with a "story" that I've already forgotten. Then we went for a tour of the vaults built underneath the city, which was cool. 400 years ago they were where the elite had their office space...later they became the den of inequities and the place where body snatchers sold their wares. We went on to explore the "New Town" which was built in the 1700's and had a lovely dinner at the Witchery. Afterwards we took a walk up to Carleton Hills for a lovely sunset (which happens at about 11 pm). All in all a cool visit to a really fascinating city. If you haven't seen enough pictures here, go to Truely a wonderful trip with so many beautiful sights!


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