Headed to Dublin

Day 4:
In the morning the Innkeeper turned out to be the mother of 4 who was trying to “do it all” The breakfast was not as fresh as the 2 previous days and she certainly didn’t have the time to make recommendations. We paid our fee and drove on to Dublin.

Driving to Dublin was actually lovely, albeit long. Driving IN Dublin was a horror! We had programmed Garmin to find us a hotel and it simply wasn’t there. As luck would have it, we found another soon after called the Castle Hotel. Pricey, but in the middle of the city where we could walk to everything and again, we were happy to have a clean room and BIG shower. The Innkeeper, Finn McCool, was dressed in a baggy, old, dirty suit, but he was the epitome of a leprechaun and he took us up to our room, talking politics and economy all the way. We settled in and headed to the “Hop on, Hop Off bus. We found it parked a block away and sat back to enjoy the sights of Dublin. We got off to check out the Book of Kells, but were put off that it cost another arm and a leg to see it. Back on and took way too many pictures of the architecture of every church, pub, and Georgian building.

Stopped off to see a lovely cathedral which turned out to be a tourism center (and shop). Got a bit lost in the Temple Bar area which was really charming (only lost from where we needed to pick up the bus) and finally got on a bus that announced it was the last one of the day, so we stayed on for the remainder of the city.

Best part of Dublin was visiting with the boys at the firehouse. They treated Andy like royalty and gave us biscuits (cookies) and tea and a tour of the stationhouse. Very nice!


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