Onto Scotland

Thursday morning, June 4th, we raced to the airport to return the car and board an hour and a half flight to Inverness. Goodbye warm weather. Views from the airplane were awesome. Inverness greeted us with both sunny and cloudy skies (bipolar weather as Mandy says). Andy upgraded our car to a bigger one and Mandy came to greet us and we all took off for a giant store, much like WalMart, to get some provisions. Not at all what I had imagined we'd find in Inverness.

We headed for the house she lives in and got her bags and computer (Thank God for the bigger car!) and then headed to the adorable little retreat house she reserved for us. Bridge End at Reelig. I didn't want to leave the place - it was such a lovely retreat - quiet and lovely with trails to explore.... Alas, we headed out to inspect downtown Inverness and really never enough time with the grounds around Bridge End.

Inverness was cool, though. Neat and historic, nicely laid out around a river...er, Loch...really very visually appealing with a castle in the center and some cool architecture all around. We had ourselves a spot of tea and a bit of soup and stopped off at the tourism center to collect brochures and ideas. Then we headed to Mandy's L'Arche house to celebrate a birthday. 19 people for a big sit down celebration. It was really quite amazing to participate in this community celebration. Then back to Bridge End for a little bit of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" on my computer and the BEST night's sleep in days!


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