Living my dream

Had lunch with a dear photography buddy yesterday and her enthusiasm for my new lifestyle was contagious. "You are doing everything you set out to do!" she beamed, "you are living your dream."  Yes, I am. Shot a wedding last week and have another one coming up. I'm studying Lightroom and HDR every free moment I can find (isn't that what everyone's reading about in local doctor waiting rooms?).  I've got my website set up so that you can purchase images there and a profit check will be sent to me (eventually).  I am working with someone to build an even more professional site.  The only thing I haven't mastered is writing the travel stories (complete with photos) and hawking them to publications. But wait... we've got a neat road trip coming up followed by a whole NY wintertime which should be a perfect time for doing just that.

Did a portrait shoot for a friend last week and posted it on Facebook – and then got two more requests to take portraits to update people's FB profile picture. Hooray!

My challenge to you today is to take photos that tell a story... or that you want your audience to figure out the story. Like:
Give yourself an assignment. For example, focus only on things that are blue. Or only on round things. There's a whole group of people who seek out letters in the alphabet for their images – this can be an especially fun thing to do in a big city. Just keep shooting and having fun doing it. Read inspiring books on how to get better and look for that great shot that has a subject and tells a story,  I'm still searching for that perfect picture.  

Happy shooting!


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