Shooting means lots of editing.....

Got plenty of shooting last week. Participated in a Beauty and Fashion Shoot thanks to Hudson Valley Click.  It was awesome! There were beauty and hair consultants who prepped the models and we shot onside Wings of Love's studio as well as outside as the evening light was constantly changing. For some reason I felt more comfortable directing young Ronak, an aspiring actor, who happily posed for me.
What do you think of my new watermark/logo, by the way? I'm thinking it may be too obtrusive, but I'm trying to come up with something that defines me.  
Saturday I shot a wedding in Connecticut. The day was a #10 - absolutely beautiful, but the sun was right behind the bride and groom as they said "I Do."  A bit of a challenge. 

Thankfully it went down behind some tall trees right after the ceremony and allowed me some nice light for some nice portraits.
All in all I shot well over 1000 images with both shooting opportunities and it meant a LOT of editing time. I'm still really bad about eliminating duplicate poses. Tell me, if I were shooting an occasion for you, would you rather have the entire event documented or just have me present you with 50-70 of the very best images?
Hudson River Disco Cruise tomorrow night – hope there will be a pretty sunset to shoot!

Happy shooting, all!


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