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What a great day! My head is bursting with information. I went to a TEP - that is Hudson Valley Professional Photographic Society of NY's (HVPPSNY) Talent Exchange Program - an all day learning experience for Photographers in Newburgh. I highly recommend making sure you get in on any advanced education opportunities that are available. The morning speakers was Lindsay Adler who spoke about lighting for fashion photography. Her basic message was break the rules and you can make anything work. She showed examples of a variety of lighting techniques and then gave a live demonstration with a model. Adler seemed to be a a font of knowledge as she confidently turned the subject matter to new media social networking (she's got a book on the subject, "A Linked Photographers' Guide to Online Marketing and Social Media"). Her enthusiasm and comfort with a large variety of networking programs made me excited about exploring more thoroughly the world of social networking. Stay tuned while I try and figure out how to tweet. She did encourage us to "Build a Community" - that is, to develop an audience who will participate in a dialogue and be our "voice" in letting others know it's worth following our blog.  So, that's your job if you are reading this.  She had lots of other great suggestions that I hope to incorporate in the coming days.

The afternoon speaker was Neil van Niekerk who provided insight at one flash photography for weddings which I really appreciated and hope to try out tomorrow when I'm shooting an award luncheon for a philanthropic group. 

All in all the day was great and I am so excited about the things I learned.

Here's a photo from last Saturday when I tried my hand at horse photography:
I am so blessed to grow as a photographer and I encourage everyone reading this to enjoy your growth as photographers as well!


  1. thank you so much for visiting gracie.you did a wonderful job on the farm.love them all

  2. Gracie is a great subject. Would love to shoot her again....in warmer weather!


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