Reviewing Some Things That I've Learned

I took the train to NYC to enjoy Indian food and a Broadway play with my youngest daughter and got the opportunity to read some photo magazines and re-read through all the notes I’ve been taking this past month. I cart around an old-fashioned spiral notebook with me everywhere I go and take notes but I hadn’t taken time to review those musings until now. These are some of the things I’ve learned recently:
            • Light is the key to a great photograph. A perfect subject is nothing without light and the QUALITY of that light is the most important factor. (Robert Rodriguez, Jr. )
            • Google calender something I need to investigate further. (John Ianelli)
            • My next purchase needs to be two additional hard drives and I need to organize them better. I also need to research off-site storage places. ( the Apple Store in Danbury, Ct.)
            • Things I should blog about – A look at behind the scenes, show off recent work, provide tutorials, interview other photographers, give reviews, pose questions to your audience. OK, audience, what would you like me to blog about? Is there something you'd like to know? Please, please, please respond.
            • If you are contacted by a prospective client by e-mail, respond to them with a phone call, not an e-mail. Make a personal connection. OK - tried that one this morning. Took more time on the phone but hopefully the mom feels more confident about my talent now than she did before.

     Well, it was great having time to catch up on the train, but it was even better getting to NYC at dusk and having fun getting some new photos. Thank God for high ISOs!
Have a blessed Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for the ability to shoot the beauty that is in this world as well as for the fans I've developed and the chance to share those images.  Happy Thanksgiving & keep on shooting!


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