Christmas is coming

So bring on the red!

As you can see, not everyone got the memo (or paid attention to it) but my point is, pay attention to what you chose to wear for a photo shoot (or advise your client). Solid colors with no logos work best. As you can see, my family is very cooperative about posing for the group shot. I am always surprised at having to tell clients how to line up, since my family is so accommodating. We usually even fall into "age order." But most people haven't spent their life being photographed by their nutty oldest sister, so they do need some direction. Looking for triangles within the heads is a good technique (unfortunately not seen in the haphazard photo above.)
This was a fun client that I shot the "whole" family - 20 members and then shot each of the 3 daughter's individual families. Each of the daughter's selected a different version of blue for their t-shirts so the large family shot looked like this:

I'm looking forward to a 13 year old birthday party/fashion portrait shoot next week.  I'm hoping the young women all come with fun hats, scarves and mittens and I'll do some nice portraits outdoors using reflectors and some fill light. I'll be sure to bring plenty of colorful scarves and mittens of my own in case the girls forget to bring theirs.
Think about what you wear this season. You may just get photographed yourself!
Happy shooting!


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