As much fun as it is to TAKE pictures, there's a job behind that called "managing your photos" (Photo management). My task has become a bit more complicated lately since I am now working with Lightroom (I was working exclusively in Photoshop).  I USED to save everything in folders by year and then by month. Lightroom seems to have a design for me that I haven't quite figured out....thus I have managed to duplicate things and even seem to be missing one complete photo shoot.   The lesson I have learned here is that it is important to LEARN the program thoroughly and stay on top of all new innovations.

I went with a friend to Photo Expo in NYC last Thursday and was reminded that there are CONSTANT innovations in photography. The nice part was that some of the vendors were willing to explain things or tell us where to find additional help.  It was fun watching experts demonstrate how to use the Wacom tablet and to see how the pros utilize the newest HDR techniques. I purchased some paper samples and plug-ins that should help me to enhance my photos. The best part of the day was bright and early as we stood on the train platform and saw a magnificent vision as the fog sat on the Hudson River and the sun shone on the boats and the fall colors. Naturally I didn't have a camera with me. But, I woke up early Friday morning hoping to get a second chance at capturing that beautiful site. Naturally, Friday was overcast and gray. Definitely not the same conditions as Thursday. Still, I had fun hiking along the waterfront and trying to see what I could still glean from the cold, bleak day.
I guess my favorite picture from the weekend still goes to my beautiful niece, Brynn.  She can make anyone smile.....
Happy shooting, friends.


  1. Chris...If you're struggling with photo management, I can highly recommend ACDSee Pro. Lightroom has a specific way of managing images that works for some people and not others. I currently use ACDSee Pro 2.5 and Pro 4 will be out soon (you can download it as a free beta and use it until June 2011). I don't recommend Pro 3. That version has some workflow issues that have since been fixed in Pro 4.

  2. Thanks John. I'm definitely going to give that a try.


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